Anything goes for LucasArts

All-platforms welcome!

In news that will please the ever-dwindling number of 'neutral' gamers, LucasArts has confirmed that it will happily support all major formats, and certainly won't be backing one or two systems at the expense of the others. This new comes in a Boomtown interview with LucasArts boss Ian Ward, who affirmed "we will be on all platforms." Ward's comments come at a time when several developers are already pinning their hopes on either Sony or Microsoft's new consoles. No such partiality from LucasArts however: "You can surely talk about all those pros and cons," the chief explained, "but to the degree that consumers buy a certain platform, we want to make sure that there is a LucasArts game for it."

As well as remaining neutral in the next-generation console war, LucasArts also plan to support both the Sony PSP and the Nintendo DS handhelds. A version of Star Wars Battlefront 2 has already been confirmed for the PSP, and "We have a number of other titles in development that we haven't announced on PSP and DS. This is a fantastic market" stated Ward. We're guessing no Gizmondo or Phantom games are likely to be confirmed anytime soon, but it is pleasing to see a firm keeping their options open whilst others choose allegiances and ready themselves for battle. More soon.

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