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Famitsu moots new Donkey Kong

Drumming onto the Revolution in 2006?

Everyone's favourite and occasionally musical simian will be making a return on the new Nintendo Revolution console, if reports emerging from Japan's Famitsu gaming weekly prove true. A new Donkey Kong has yet to be officially announced by Nintendo, but speculation had already hinted at this game anyway, especially since the Revolution system was given at public airing at E3 last month. Metroid, Mario, Smash Bros., Zelda and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle have also been uttered in relation to Ninty's new machine, expected out next year, possibly in the Spring.

Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat was the most recent release in the Ape-series, and refreshed our gaming pallet's admirably thanks to its bongo-controller which at the very least instilled a little rhythm into our gaming. With Nintendo now singing almost daily about the quirky innovations forthcoming with the Revolution, it is reasonable to expect that the next title 2ill boast some similarly unusual control method or some such gimmick. We'll keep you posted on Nintendo's self proclaimed 'revolution'.

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