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Xbox 360 shortages loom

Like the current generation, we're told...

With anecdotal evidence from several European retailers pointing out ongoing shortages of the Xbox console even as we speak, a number of said firms have now stated that they will not be running Xbox 360 pre-orders because they don't know what stock will be available at launch. A worldwide debut is currently being planned for November. Microsoft's Thompson told MCV that consumer demand was causing the supply problems, some of which have dogged retailers since Christmas. Manufacturing issues were previously held responsible.

"I think demand is going to be phenomenal so we see that as a really difficult thing," Thompson said on the Xbox 360. "We feel as a company we've done the groundwork to get to a point where we can do the global release; we feel we're going to deliver and have a great Xmas."

"Will we execute well so retail will have good volume? Yes. But I don't think we're going to meet demand as people are going to come into this platform in a big way," the representative added. More on Redmond's ambitious launch plans soon.

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