FFXII a Playstation exclusive

But other formats get other FF games

With Square Enix now dabbling in so many platforms with their forthcoming releases, its getting rather hard to keep tracks of what game is due for what platform. Thankfully, the giant Japanese firm has this week clarified the situation, confirming that Final Fantasy XII is a PS2 exclusive, and revealing that the game will be out in PAL regions next year. Square Enix and Sony have also both previously mooted a Final Fantasy game on the PS3 too, though what shape this outing will take remains to be very much seen.

A new plotline will as ever be introduced with numero twelve in the venerable series, introducing the world of Ivalice, a curious place awash with action and indeed adventure.. we're led to believe. The game promises to introduce a new fighting model, making fisticuffs faster and more fluidEsomething we'll all welcome, I think. The visuals will become increasingly important, too, with players being able to use scenery for cover and the like. Finally, better AI will also challenge the player. An Xbox 360 edition of FFXI is being created as we speak. More soon.

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