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Myst guaranteed till 2008

New Ubi deal with Cyan
Whilst some may scream in agony at this news, others may jump for joy, as Ubi Soft revealed today that it has secured a partnership with Cyan Worlds to deliver games in the Myst series until 2008. "Our partnership with Ubi Soft is exciting to us, primarily because they're excited about what Myst represents, and the potential it holds," said Rand Miller, founder of Cyan Worlds. "This isn't about Cyan Worlds making games that Ubi Soft sells, it's about Cyan Worlds and Ubi Soft working together to build new forms of entertainment around and beyond the worlds of Myst." The latest in the series, Myst 3, has just been launched on next-generation consoles, whilst the next outing will come in 2003 as Myst goes online through ubi.com.
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