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PS3 hard disk conjecture in Japan

Detachable extra after all?

The latest word on the block has it that an in-built hard drive for Sony's PS3 is not a given, after Sony's chief technology officer Masayuki Chatani cast aspersions over a HDD's inclusion in the initial launch package expected in spring 2006. Chatani is reported to have told Famitsu that nothing is final on this front yet, and that he expected gamers to want the option of upgrading the capacity of a PS3 HDD. Does this suggest that some form of disk drive might be omitted from the basic system? Possibly. It is believed that a laptop size HDD may be made available as a detachable extra for the PS3, and that it will hook up to a port on the base of the new unit.

Like the PS2 HDD then, it seems that despite rumours to the contrary, this medium of storage may not be included automatically, instead becoming an optional extra - albeit an essential one for certain titles, perhaps. Chatani mooted a similar approach as the Xbox 360, with a portable drive allowing files to be carried between systems. It will be interesting to see how the PS3 develops over the coming months, especially as Sony have time to consider the rival Xbox system ahead of their own launch. More soon.

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