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Nintendo Revolution garners support

Bandai promises games, Namco joins in..?

Japanese publisher Bandai has come out in vocal support of the Nintendo Revolution console, reports an Asian business site; a welcome boon for the Big N, given the backing both Sony and Microsoft's consoles have been garnering over the last week. This could mean we see the likes of .hack, Gundam and Digimon, on the new format.

With Bandai and Namco - two of Japanese largest games makers - set to finalise a merger in September, this announcement presumably means that Namco will also be happy to create titles on the fledgling format (expected next Spring). Nothing official has been confirmed, but the developer-friendliness of the Revolution is expected to generate a great deal of third-party support, with Nintendo also working hands-on with several major second-party firms.

Namco are expected to unveil a few of their own next-generation plans very soon.

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