Kojima dines-out on PS3

Powerful.. but challenging?

As various developers begin to choose their allegiances in the wake of the next-gen E3 unveilings, certain lines are already being drawn - with perhaps the most high-profile opinion to-date being voiced today. Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima has voiced many analysts fears, that despite more advanced hardware, the PS3 may be difficult to develop for and fully exploit. "I am not sure if everyone can live up to that high standard that Sony is expecting," he stated in a new interview. This said, Kojima's own studio are currently creating Metal Gear Solid 4 for the PS3.

In contrast, he stated the Xbox 360 was "a little bit more down to people maybe can join easily to start creating on the 360," whilst on the Revolution console he said the new simple and functional mantra gives the "impression that the developers could create games on less budget."

Taking a somewhat humorous dinner analogy, Kojima attempted to explain the next-generation offerings in more 'palatable' (ha. - Ed) terms: "PS3 would be like a dinner you only have once a year or twice a year on your anniversary," whilst the Xbox 360 would be consumed "two or three times a month" and the Revolution "is the kind of great dinner that you have every day at your home".

Costs and the specifics will be the decider in the forthcoming hardware war, according to Kojima, who noted that all dinners would - in a manner of speaking - offer something delicious. More on all this soon.

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