Foundation 9 enlist production company

Brave new tactics...

Games developer Foundation 9 (the self-proclaimed largest independent developer in the USA) have entered into a brand new agreement with feature film management and production company Circle of Confusion. Matrix creators the Wachowski brothers are both clients of the company, which is currently creating new flick Magic Kingdom For Sale, based on a Terry Brooks novel. Marc Ecko: Getting Up Contents Under Pressure and Death, Jr. are both being created at Foundation 9 even as we speak.

"Cementing our relationship with Circle of Confusion enables us to bring our publishing partners access to some of the top creative talent in the industry," beamed Foundation 9 CEO Jon Goldman, "as well giving us the ability to create original concepts that extend beyond the videogame industry."

"It's a model that worked extremely well with Death, Jr.," added studio head Mike Mika. "Working with David Alpert at Circle of Confusion enabled us to bring Death, Jr. to a wide variety of outlets, from a comic book with Image Comics to a toy deal with Gentle Giant, and of course a motion picture."

It will be interesting to see what direction this new alliance will move Foundation 9's games in; but nonetheless promising to see an independent developer thriving amid tough times for smaller firms.

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