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PS3 price conjecture rumbles

Sony rumours burn...

Reports circulating in the Japanese media are currently speculating that the pricing of Sony's forthcoming Playstation 3 console will follow the same trend as the PS2. The PS3 is expected out in Japan 'next Spring', and it is believed it will launch at 39,800 Yen (about $400 or £200). The Xbox launched at a highly competitive 34,800 Yen at its ill-fated debut, while the Cube popped-up at ridiculously reasonable 25,000 Yen.

The latest rumours are said to emerge from leaks sourced through Sony's business partners, who have indicated to Japanese websites like Impress PC Watch that the PS3 will launch at a price point below 40,000 Yen. Not cheap, then, but certainly not the monstrous fee some analysts have mooted when noting the cost of the PS3's advanced innards to Sony.

Last week, Japanese rag the Mainichi Daily News speculated that the price might be as high as 50,000 Yen, a hefty price in the competitive Japanese hardware market. The Xbox 360, unveiled at LA's E3 showcase, is expected out in Japan this winter - with the PS3 following in the Spring - the key Japanese market is likely to prove a pivotal testing ground for both systems' consumer appeal.

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