Spore multiplies on Xbox 360

Ballmer backs creative titles...

Will Wright's "drug-induced epiphany" of a title, 'Spore', will be heading to the Xbox 360 at some juncture, according to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. Ballmer made the claims about this EA published title, developed by the creator of the Sim series, in an interview with "We've got to be there telling the story and showing those things which are more interesting," he enthused on Redmond's XB360 goals, "whether it's a Spore or a Kameo, which is a different kind of game for the console world."

'Sim Everything' seems to be the best way to sum-up Spore, so far confirmed by EA for the PC, and the game is being designed by one of EA's most prodigious designers, Will Wright - the man behind the Sim series of wildly successful games. In Spore players will guide a single-celled organism from the state of an amoeba to world-domination, taking in everything in between, an ambitious and tricky proposition.

"One of my goals for this whole thing has been to give somebody an awe-inspiring global view of reality, almost like a drug-induced epiphany with a computer," explains Wright. Certainly the line between game and art is increasingly bein blurred by philosophically conscious games like Spore. Whether EA can pull it off is another question entirely. More soon.

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