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Revolution revelation in 2005

Information this year

Whilst E3's 'unveiling' of the Nintendo Revolution console was decidedly muted compared to their major rivals', it seems likely that we won't have to wait too long for the big 'N' to fill us in further. The looks, and a few general bullet-points, were all Nintendo would say at the E3 expo last week, leaving Sony and Microsoft to go into specifics about their own offerings. However, Ninty President Satoru Iwata has hinted that more details; like the controller, the price and the games, will be revealed before 2005 is out. "We plan to give details on when we will launch it, what the price will be, what the controller will look like and how games can be played on it by the end of the year," Iwata told Reuters as the expo drew to a close.

Rumours abound online that Nintendo's full unveiling come at a Spaceworld style showcase held later this year, popular for some years but last held in 2001, the show was traditionally a grand showcase for all things Nintendo - and would be a welcome return to the gaming calendar. Nintendo's first showings are often a somewhat vague affair, but we did learn that the Revolution will Ninty's smallest console ever, will play DVDs, boast wireless controllers, and include an online service making available the company's entire back-catalogue. An intriguing prospect.

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