Splinter Cell series is still seeking perfection

Ubisoft not becoming complacent with their long-running stealth series

Ubisoft still believes that the Splinter Cell series is a work in progress and it is still searching to find its formula.

Animation director Kristijan Zadziuk has explained that while Blacklist was decent enough effort they believe that they are in a constant search to perfect the series.

"We haven't got the luxury of Assassin's Creed where we know our formula; we're still evolving. If you look at them, there's no two Splinter Cells that are the same. They've all evolved and adapted. That, to me, is what makes it really exciting. We're getting closer to what that game is, and maybe it isn't necessarily about Splinter Cell being a 15-16 million Call of Duty-type best-seller. Maybe it's just about it being the best Splinter Cell that it can be," Zadziuk said. Splinter Cell series is still seeking perfection

We should probably be glad that Ubisoft are adopting this attitude towards the Splinter Cell series as the known 'formula' for Assassin's Creed gave rise to a complacent attitude was responsible for the mediocre Assassin's Creed III.

Thanks OXM.

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