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E3 2005: Link returns in Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Well, hello...

These days some game characters have been on the go for so long, and are the stars of games beloved by so many people, that they are celebrities in their own right. Every new sighting of them causes paroxysms of delight to course through all those affected by their lure. One such gaming mega-star is Link, the diminutive hero of legions of Zelda and related spin-off games. Link has always been there to guide a new Nintendo console into the world holding its right hand as Mario urges it forward, white glove firmly wrapped around the left. And while his appearance on the Revolution will have fans baying for the new console, the elf is stepping out on the GameCube first in an all new Legend of Zelda adventure.

Link has gained the ability to heal himself in battle, as long as he has enough food and water. The action sequences in Twilight Princess are fluid and full of action yet the gameplay mechanics appear to have advanced little from the template that Zelda games have been following for what is a rather long time now. For example, Link still can only jump or climb at pre-defined spots and the actual combat retains the ponderousness of previous outings. The visuals have benefited from the attentions of the developer as they are now both more splendidly presented and full of detail. The puzzle quotient has also been increased and the mental challenges in the game are spread more evenly throughout the gameplay.

No release date has been finalised so Zelda fans will just have to remain patient until Nintendo get around to letting Link lose back in the world.

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