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E3 2005: Konami invites us to a Karaoke Revolution Party

All singing, all dancing..

..but only if you have an Xbox, PS2 or Gamecube, although the name certainly suggests that the caterwauling game may be heading towards Nintendo's newest baby when the time is right. Featuring fifty songs this neighbour friendly game will include tunes from a range of genres, from toe tapping rock to toe curling pop. With a name like Karaoke Revolution Party it should surprise no-one that the game will feature a variety of multiplayer modes.

These will be joined by a "Sing and Dance" mode. It's unclear whether this means the game will come with a dance mat, or whether this mode will be restricted to the PS2 version which will incorporate EyeToy support. Xbox owners will be able to download extra songs although we don't know if there will be a charge for these. Karaoke Revolution Party is set to ship this autumn.

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