Ubisoft look to Hollywood

Disney, TimeWarner, interested?

Despite strongly opposing the apparent machinations of EA to take over the publisher, Ubisoft aren't entirely against being bought out by a major player; chief executive Yves Guillemot told La Tribune yesterday. Although at the moment the CEO hopes the company remain independent he did state that a takeover from a major Hollywood studio would be worth considering.

Citing the likes of Disney and TimeWarner, Guillemot described a Hollywood buy out as "a solution which could be, for us, fairly interesting."

"This could speed up Ubisoft's development," he added - stating also that a merger with a publisher of equal standing might also help the firm. "Joining forces would permit us to become No. 2 worldwide... To have more brands," Guillemot explained. The publisher is currently the second largest in Europe behind EA.

Some impressive IPs of their own creating and plenty of well-respected development talent has left Ubisoft in an enviable position of late, but their success has also caught the attention of predatory eyes at larger firms. EA bought a 20% share of the publisher earlier this year.

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