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Jack Sparrow returns to the virtual Caribbean

Bethesda confirm Pirates sequel

Bethesda have just announced a brand new Pirates of the Caribbean game, based on their licence to develop games inspired by the original Disney hit film. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Jack Sparrow is being created for the PS2, Xbox and PC, a release in 2006 is expected. The sequel promises more of the same swashbuckling action-adventure, and maintains ambitions of emulating the film's style and wit too.

7 Studios are assisting with the development of the game, with Buena Vista distributing. Looting, smuggling, stealing, kidnapping and sword fighting are all options to those entering the word of Sparrow, described by Bethesda as the "ultimate videogame character".

Interactive environments are the order of the day, and we're told a spot of hack 'n' slash will once a again prove vital to conquering the high seas and ports of the game. More on this new treasure soon, me heartees.

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