New Unreal engine to power new titles

From America's Army to Silicon Knights

America's Army's plans for world domination and expansion (insert your own politically-motivated quip here) continue apace today, with word that Epic's brand new Unreal Engine 3 will be used to power the 'next-generation' of America's Army videogames - currently being developed for consoles and the PC. The original title, launched in 2001 as a promotional tool for recruitment, has become something of a hit with those that can stomach or approve of the title's ulterior motive, used the Unreal Engine 2 to power its online first-person shootery.

America's Army: Special Forces Overmatch and America's Army: Stryker-Overmatch are both due out towards the end of 2005, with publishing provided by Ubisoft. Both titles benefit from Army assistance, with the promise that they'll be the most realistic and detailed takes on army training and real combat.

"The Unreal Engine has enabled us to develop one of the most popular games in the world. At the same time, the Unreal Engine has provided us the power and flexibility to develop revolutionary training and education applications for use across the government," barked Colonel Casey Wardynski, project director and the man who thought up the game idea in the first place.

In related news, Canadian developers Silicon Knights are also rather taken with the Unreal Engine 3, and have licensed the beast for themselves. "We feel The Unreal Engine 3 is by far the best technology for next generation systems. With its advanced graphic pipeline and technical capabilities Silicon Knights will be able to concentrate on delivering content at a production level previously unheard of", gushed Denis Dyack, President of Silicon Knights. "By partnering with Epic Games exclusively, we feel will be able to help usher in a new era where video games become the dominant form of entertainment for this century." Silicon Knights will use the engine in all their upcoming titles.

More soon.

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