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Xbox 360 knowledge expands

Specs glimpsed

Rumoured 'truths' about the new Xbox 360 console continue to grow apace with every day nearer we step to MTV's half-hour special on the system - and of course the full E3 showing. Today, we learn that a 20gb removable hard-drive will be included in the predominantly white console, which will also boast three 3.2ghz CPUs, wireless networking, surround sound, and high-definition video output support. A webcam peripheral has also been spotted, as have wireless controllers, and it appears the system's power button may customisable with user-applied 'skins'.

Some sites are currently reporting that the new-look Xbox Live service accompanying the console will also come in two flavours, one free, and one subscription offering with expanded options including match-making and the like. No details on pricing, launch dates or indeed games have been forthcoming, but we do know that the system is expected to be with us in November. Rival Sony is also expected to unveil their Playstation 3 ahead of E3. More soon.

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