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PC embarks on Titan Quest

New RPG for the PC

Where do they get the names for these games from? Titan Quest? The originality astounds... ahem. On the plus side, THQ's newly announced action RPG does sound rather promising. Set in antique Greece and Egypt this PC exclusive is being developed by Iron Lore Entertainment, who are headed by veteran game designer Brian Sullivan, reassuringly. Unsurprisingly, this announcement is one of many ahead of E3, where the game will be on show, and THQ seem pleased with their latest signing.

"The extremely talented team at Iron Lore is focused on delivering the same level of innovation and creativity gamers have come to expect from Brian Sullivan," gushed Philip Holt, THQ. "We look forward to sharing their vision for the ultimate in addictive, fast-action RPG gaming at E3 next week."

"Our primary goal for Titan Quest is to create an experience that blends the best of action, role-playing and adventure genres," commented the maestro himself. "The lush ancient worlds of Greece and Egypt provide an extraordinary backdrop with beautiful locations, fascinating mythical creatures and age-old mysteries. We are extremely proud that Titan Quest will mark Iron Lore's first release."

Quite an ambitious debut for Sullivan's new outfit, by the sound of things, and we look forward to learning all about it at E3 next week.

E3 Trailer