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Battlefield 4 patch strikes Xbox One today

DICE continues its slow march to victory over the myriad of BF4 bugs

Today it's the turn of Xbox One gamers to get their hands on a patch for Battlefield 4.

The Xbox One patch arrives bearing the warning to expect some issues accessing the servers while DICE deploys the patch.

This patch will fix a host of errors including poor collision detection which causes grenades to bounce back even if a door is open, players respawning under the Lancang Dam map, flickering mini maps in Operation Locker and Rouge Transmission, normalised vehicle repair rates, a player feedback issue which caused blood to appear before damage was inflicted and many, many more. Battlefield 4 patch strikes Xbox One today

Full patch notes are available on Battlelog. The PS4 and PS3 patches were deployed yesterday and fix many of the same issues.

Thanks OXM.

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