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PSP content on the up

New providers join-up

The PSP handheld is rapidly beginning to enjoy something of a critical mass of non-gaming content, thanks to an ever-increasing roster of third-party producers eager to make their programming available for the beast; presumably in the hope of 'catching the worm', in the early bird sense. are the latest firm to be unleashing content for download onto the system, and they have the proud honour of being the first broadband content company to 'PSP-cast'. Over forty hours of programming will be downloadable, all are free, and many can be had in a matter of minutes. Sports comedy Blisster, music show Behind The Music That Sucks, and the Gareth + Evan comedy show are all available currently.

In wholly related news, ABC News also announced recently that it plans to make increasingly large numbers of broadcasts available for download onto the PSP, via the official site. News bulletins are expected, though only two programmes are offered so far; one about cyber-hacking and another about sports cars. It is impressive to see the number of content producers embracing the potential of this new medium, and it will be interesting to observe the directions this progress will move in. More soon.

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