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More films coming to UMD?

Studios in talks over format

Rumblings coming from the home video departments of a few major Hollywood studios should be sweet music to PSP owners. Sony has been trying to push the PSP as something a little richer then a pure games machine, so the paucity of movies released so far on its proprietary UMD format have been a disappointment to the company and its customers alike. So the news that Paramount, Fox and Universal Studios are all seriously considering releasing films on the format should help to thin out the quiver of the anti-PSP brigade.

According to a recent industry report, the three major studios are looking towards releasing some of their back catalogue in the near future, adding their names to a roster which so far has been restricted to Sony, Buena Vista and Lions Gate. Sales during the first week of launch of Sony's PSP movies were 15% of stock, numbers which have no doubt captured the interest of the other studios. Fox is meant to be closest to finalizing a deal, with an initial release lineup said to include Predator, Dodgeball, Napoleon Dynamite, I Robot and Super Troopers. Paramount is reportedly still appraising the viability of the format while Universal are meant to be looking towards entering the market around mid-summer.

Sony will be releasing some more titles over the coming weeks including Bad Boys, The Grudge, Resident Evil, Starship Troopers and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Details of Sony's UMD plans for the eventual European release are as patchy and unclear as everything surrounding the handheld's arrival on the continent have been. So far only Spiderman 2 has been confirmed for release, with prospective purchasers being forced to register on a website within a limited timeframe in order to secure their copy.

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