Urban Reign due from Tekken team

GTA Japanese style..?

The teams behind Tekken and Soul Calibre at Namco are currently working away on a new title, altogether not related to anything beat-em-up related. Instead, 'Urban Reign' takes its inspiration from a little closer to home, promising an urban turf war and gangster plotline in the 'third-person action, adventure' genre. Yes, boys and girls, it sounds suspiciously like a GTA clone. The latest edition of Japanese gaming rag Famitsu (arigato-gozaimasu!) carries word that the new title is set in the fictitious city of Green Harbour, a metropolis abound with gangsters and crooks of various guises and allegiances.

Basically, the premise surrounds the kidnapping of a local 'Zapps' gang member, of which Chinatown crime lady Lee Shun Ying is the prime suspect. With her hiring in a bodyguard and preparing for a turf war, we're told that the mother of all gang wars is in the offing in Green Harbour. Special character abilities will feature, Namco's team doffing their caps to their arcade heritage, and 3D combat will be the main staple of this game's diet. Thirty special moves and fifty techniques will feature, not to mention sixty colourful characters to play as. All of said characters have a role in the story, and what's more, they'll all enjoy their own history and style of fighting.

The game will support up to four simultaneous players, and is expected to launch later this year. No word on platforms as yet.

E3 Trailer