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Hellgate opened over London

Flagship debut sighted

No, we're not talking about the inevitable summer invasion of European, American and Japanese tourists to the capital, but rather a brand new RPG title being created by new developer Flagship. Titled Hellgate: London, Flagship Studios' debut will be published in 2006 by Namco. The game will be played from a first-person perspective, and sees players developing their character, joining one of three rival factions and generally questing, fighting and collecting in a 2030 metropolis gone-wrong. How wrong? Well, we're not talking a scenario based around Dobson becoming mayor, but rather the gates of hell having opened directly over the city - leaving the place swarming with the minions of Satan. Not just traffic wardens, either.

In this disparate future, players will travel beneath the city using dilapidated Underground lines, forging alliances and generally striving for something better than this urban nightmare. A mixture of future technology and olde worlde lore is promised, and the mix of fantasy-and-future sounds intriguing. Randomly generated levels of the highest order are said to add almost limitless replay value, and a co-op mode for 16-32 players will even feature, excitingly.

"With our first game, we intend to create something unique in the world of RPGs," enthused Flagship CEO and co-founder Bill Roper. "By focusing our expertise and creative energy onto this one title, we are crafting a compelling world that combines massive amounts of randomisation and customisation to offer infinite replayability." Flagship was formed by Roper and several other ex-Blizzard staffers in late 2003. A showing at E3 is expected next month.

E3 Trailer