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Dust 514 winter events start this week

Developer invasions, discounts and bonuses available till January

This week sees the beginning of CCP's planned programme of winter events for Dust 514.

There will be Developer Invasion days (December 18th and 20th) where teams of four to six developers take on players in Other Contract games. Players will earn Double SP and ISK for competing in the battles. Times are available on the Dust 514 blog.

There will a weapon trial too between December the 18th and 25th where player tooled up with a standard combat rifle or rail rifle will be allowed to one Prototype Rifle to try out for every 10 kills scored. Dust 514 winter events start this week

Finally, from December the 25th to January the 5th Dust 514 will be running the 12 Days Of Dust event giving players different bonus in-game items for each day they log in and win a single match.

Between today and January the 4th CCP will also be offering a 75 percent discount on the Dust 514 Tactical Edition which gives players a bounty of skill boosters, vehicles, fully fitted dropsuits and Aurum all for 4.99 USD instead of the usual 19.99 USD.

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