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Prince of Persia 3 announced

More time-bending in Persia

Ubisoft officially unveiled the Prince of Persia 3 yesterday, confirming a release later this year on the PS2, Xbox, GameCube and PC. A full public airing for the new title is also penned in for E3 next month. Numero three, a working title currently, will see the plot continue from where number one ended - with the Prince returning triumphant to Babylon with his love Kaileena. Unfortunately, the kingdom has gone somewhat awry in his absence, with the populous turned against our hero. In order to save the Prince, Kaileena sacrifices herself, once again unleashing the powers of the Sands of Time. The Prince is now left roaming the streets, alone and friendless, whilst a dark Prince - the result of past misadventures - gradually begins to take hold.

Before we learn more at the full LA unveiling, we can also report that the new Prince adventure will feature two playable characters, with unique styles of combat and powers. New abilities - including some related to time - will be there for the mastering, whilst the new Babylonian setting certainly sounds vivid. Finally, a better-than-ever blend of puzzles, combat and plot is promised. More on this soon.

E3 Trailer