Bangladesh chopped from new SOCOM

Request for removal granted..

At the reported request of the Bangladeshi government, Sony Computer Entertainment has taken the step of removing all references to the country from their forthcoming shooter SOCOM 3. Morocco and Poland also form a backdrop to the game's fictitious combat, but so far both countries have expressed no concern at their inclusion. Bangladesh accused Sony of 'tech-terrorism', for portraying the country as a 'terrorist state'. The final game, sans-Bangladesh, will launch this autumn.

Several technology related institutions in Bangladesh were vocal in backing the government's tough stance, and legal action against Sony was even threatened if the country was not removed from SOCOM 3. Whether another state will now enter the game by way of a replacement remains to be seen, but with several months of development time remaining Sony certainly have time to change things. The developers will now no doubt be hoping that Morocco and Poland don't express similar displeasure.

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