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Perfect Dark Zero glimpsed

For Xbox 360, we believe...

Microsoft's Rare-developed FPS Perfect Dark Zero, aloof for so long, could well be another Halo in the making for Redmond if reports that it is an Xbox 360 launch title turn out to be true. Rare's sequel to the N64 classic was first confirmed in 2002, but details have been pretty much non-existent since then. Now we learn that the sultry Joanna Dark's return could be a day-one launch title for the new console, due this Christmas globally.

The latest reports in suggest that Perfect Dark Zero will feature an impressive multiplayer mode via Xbox Live, boasting the largest number of players per game of any console FPS. Kicking off from before the events of the N64 original, this new title will see young Joanna and her daddy embroiled in all manner of conspiracies, linking in with the events which transposed in the original classic.

In addition to the rumoured ground-breaking multiplayer mode, the game's singleplayer story will be playable alone or in co-op mode. We're also hearing talk of an 'anti coop' mode in which players oppose one another as Joanna and her foe, duking it out through the game's plotline - which sounds like an interesting prospect. As ever, Microsoft aren't saying much - but hopefully we'll learn more on this at E3.

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