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DayZ shifts 1 million on Steam Early Access

Hall describes success as a warning shot at the traditional publisher model

Bohemia Interactive has announced the latest sales figures for DayZ on Steam Early Access and they're pretty darned impressive.

DayZ has managed to sell over 1 million copies in the four weeks that it has been available to buy on Steam as Bohemia boss Marek Spanel announced on Twitter yesterday.

First, we need to bear in mind that the version of DayZ on Steam Early Access is an early alpha build of the game and it's entry on the Steam store contains multiple warnings in capital letters that folks should only buy the game at this point if they want to aid in its development as it will most likely be broken. DayZ shifts 1 million on Steam Early Access

Add to this the recent news that they don't even plan to bring the game into beta until the end of the year and we can see just how impressive this achievement actually is.

The game's creator Dean Hall told Polygon, “The concept of Kickstarter and early access games is not without problems, though, and I think we’ve yet to see the full extent of that. But what this says to me is that gamers crave real creativity in their games along with engagement in the process, and that the ‘indie’ way is not just restricted to small projects in fringe games. It’s big and serious business now.”

“Previously with the mod I think traditional publishers could write DayZ off as a kind of anomaly,” he continued. “It was possible to think that this would not fully translate to the retail game in terms of real sales. This has got to be a ‘shots fired’ moment for those in the traditional publishing model, and their investors.”

DayZ shifts 1 million on Steam Early Access

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