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Terraria hits the PS Vita today

Vita version gets an all-new control system

Re-Logic's 2D platform adventurer Terraria has managed to break through on to the PS Vita today.

The Vita version of the game features a revamped control system designed to deliver something “new and unique” to the the gameplay experience this time around. The game also features an eight-player multiplayer where players can team up to beat bosses or even battle each other.

Richard Griffiths from 505 Games, Terraria's publisher explained, “It’s the revamped control system that’s seen the most focus this time around, in terms of really delivering something new and unique; introducing touch support to make the gameplay experience more immediate, tactile, and absorbing. You can use touch controls to combine and craft intuitively within the item interface, but also when digging, building, and creating your own environments — this time with added finesse.” Terraria hits the PS Vita today

The game features all of the content from PC version 1.2 and also supports cross-save and cross-play with the PS3 version of the game.

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