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Prey emerges from the shadows

Human Head to develop

The exploits of Mr Talon Brave - canned unceremoniously by 3D Realms some seven years ago - look set to be returning in earnest at E3, with George Broussard revealing what we all suspected (Human Head are developing), confirming an E3 showing, and proving typically ambiguous on concrete details such as engine and release date. Take Two are expected to publish the new title, and it seems the original concept of Prey has survived with Talon Brave looking set to star. Brave is a Native American Indian charged with battling hordes of alien beings across futuristic space craft. Whether the much touted cunning use of 'Portal' technology will return is of course anyone's guess.

On the cancelled original, Broussard commented: "Prey was cancelled because it never came together...The tech was never really stable or finished." He also expressed optimism over Human Head's prospects: "Hopefully it will be cool."

Meanwhile, those keen to tease themselves further may wish to check out Prey.com, which dissolves from mock holding-page into a trailer for the project. "Earth's savior doesn't want the job," we're told, before a Native American bird totem flickers briefly into view. Said totem is used on 3D Realms' Prey forum, a sure fire clue that we can expect more from said site soon.

Hopefully we'll have more on this from E3 next month.

E3 Trailer