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Japan: Xbox 360 garners further support

New publishers on-board

With a number of Japan's most influential and acclaimed developers already enlisted for the Xbox 360 (the name the Xbox 2 seems to be going by these days), and major publishers increasingly voicing their support for the forthcoming system, today's news will come as further music to Redmond's ears. Sega and From Software have confirmed that they are creating multiple titles for the brand new format, which should further assist Microsoft's efforts to ensure their new opus doesn't fall flat in Japan like their current hardware has.

Although multiple titles are being created, details are scant on the exact nature or status of these projects, with From Software's chief only confirming that a mech title would be part of the line-up, hardly a surprise given that the genre is something of a From speciality. Sega are also creating stuff, but we could have guessed this, and what will ultimately be key is the amount of exclusive titles Microsoft can squeeze out of third-parties, especially given the appalling performance of the original Xbox in this key territory. More soon, naturally.

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