Sims 2 console-bound

Heading to every platform ever conceived soon

Having sold an obscene 4.5 million copies on the PC last year, its little wonder EA are currently plotting the Sims 2's journey to other formats, announcing that versions for the PS2, Xbox, GameCube, GBA, DS, PSP and mobile phones are in development right now. Naturally, in a bid to entice repeat purchaser, EA are modifying the new versions somewhat. On consoles, the Sims 2 will offer "a completely new aspiration gameplay," and other exclusive content. Whatever that means.

Sims will also be controllable directly from a third-person perspective, and a two-player spilt-screen mode will feature too. On the newly embraced handheld formats, new plotlines are promised, and in general we're expecting goodly quantities of spit and polish. More on this new conversion is expected at E3 next month.

E3 Trailer