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FFXI downed by hackers

But is it related to the China-Japan textbook row?

Japanese developer-publisher Square Enix has declined to comment on speculation linking attacks on their online infrastructure with the ongoing diplomatic row between China and Japan. The attacks on the company's MMOG networks have left hundreds of thousands of gamers with problems, and Square Enix admitted that the problem had been going on for some time, but that they withheld knowledge in order to try and catch the malicious hacker(s).

"It has come to our attention that recent technical difficulties with our PlayOnline server are due to a DDoS from anonymous third parties. We have determined that this activity was undertaken with malicious intent," read an official statement. "Our technicians are taking every measure possible to prevent further attacks. However, attack methods have varied, which has caused a more time-consuming review of our network protection."

The company are working with law enforcement agencies and ISPs from Japan, North American and Europe in order to hunt down the culprits, and in a statement they apologised to gamers for any inconvenience caused. Whether this problem is linked with politically motivated Chinese hackers remains to be seen; but we're certainly interested to see who holds such a strong grudge against Square Enix and their wares.

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