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UN game educates on world hunger

Food Force offers WFP edutainment

A free downloadable videogame aimed at kids, Food Force, has been launched this week. Developed by the United Nations the game is designed to educate 'da kids' on global hunger and the importance of distributing food via the World Food Programme. Apparently, the WFP delivered food to over one-hundred million people last year alone. The game is a pretty slick effort, considering its free, and pits young players against the troubles faced by the fictional island of Sheyland; ravaged by war and drought.

Throughout the six missions of Food Force, players must organise food drops, negotiate with local rebels, and help rebuild the local economy using the aid. An educational video at the close of each mission explains how the agency would have dealt with the pitfalls faced in said level, and the player's performance will be graded based in good, quick decision-making.

"Children in the developed world don't know what it's like to go to bed threatened by starvation," commented the WFP's Neil Gallagher. "In an exciting and dynamic form, Food Force will generate kids' interest and understanding about hunger, which kills more people than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined."

You can grab this 227mb download here, now.

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