WB Montreal releases a video on the making of Copperhead for Batman: Arkham Origins

Learn how WB Montreal motion captured Batman's bendiest enemy

WB Montreal has put together a new video giving a behind-the-scenes look at how they put together Copperhead for Batman: Arkham Origins.

Copperhead is just one of the eight deadly assassins out for the bounty placed on Batman's head in Batman: Arkham Origins and is easily the most agile and venomous opponent Batman faces in his early career.

The battle with Copperhead is one of the more memorable moments in Batman: Arkham Origins and is an exceptionally trippy experience. The video goes into details of the motion capture process that breathes life into the enemy to make her the agile, flexible and dangerous enemy that we see in the game.

Batman: Arkham Origins is available now on xbox 360, PS3, PC and Wii U.

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