Doom movie slated for October

Universal make a date.. with DOOM

Universal Pictures' official website reveals today that the much-discussed cinematic adaptation of Doom will be heading to theatres stateside on October 21st, a little later than the June and August dates previously mooted. News of the official variety is still scant on the film, but it's good to get an official release estimate, given that prior information has only come in the form of idle gossip. The Rock, one of the film's stars, has in fact been our main informant on the project thus far.

We already know that the BFG is to star (hurrah), and The Rock, Karl Urban and Rosamund Pike are all in the cast. Dave Callahan is the brains behind the script, whilst Andrzej Bartkowiak will direct. The film is classic Doom; the premise witnessing a group of marines answering a distress call from a science lab on the planet Olduvai. Mutants have indeed invaded. How typical.

In a wee nod to the game-as-inspiration, one of the characters in the film is reportedly called Dr. Carmack, whilst the name Willits also appears twice on the cast list. How exciting. Fingers crossed for more soon.

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