New Potter games swoop in

Only Potty and his Weasel can save us now...

A brand new Harry Potter game will, we're shocked to learn, be released in-coincidence with November's new film, announced EA recently. Electronic Arts, developers and publishers of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, will release this latest outing on PS2, PSP, Xbox, GameCube, GBA, Nintendo DS and PC. Large piles of cash are no doubt also expected. Like the novel, the fourth film and its tie-in videogame will see our young Wizard entering the dangerous Triwizard tournament at Hogwarts. All manner of dragon battling and puzzling is expected. Someone will also perish (I think we know who).

Potter, Ron and the ever-smug Hermione will all be playable characters, and up to three players will be able to combine forces in a new co-op mode. A new spell casting system making full use of force-feedback is also predicted. Naturally, EA can't wait for their new title to hit shelves, and are promising big for this release - their first for some months using this highly profitable licence. The new film will feature the addition of Ralph Fiennes, Miranda Richardson and Jarvis Cocker to the regular stars. More soon.

E3 Trailer