Alien: Isolation - Creative Assembly making an Alien game they want to play

Development team expect just as much from the game as the fans

Creative Assembly has been talking about the expectation that they have on their shoulders over Alien: Isolation.

The game's creative lead Al Hope pointed out that there is as much expectation from within the Alien: Isolation development team as there ever is from the franchise fans looking for the kind of Alien game that fully captures the spirit of Ridley Scott's original film.

“Yeah, the starting point was absolutely, 'let’s make the Alien game we want to play',” Hope began. “There was this massive untapped potential… In terms of expectation, I dunno, I think we have high ambitions for this and putting a lot into it. This is just the start for us. We were saying earlier that we’re kind of bursting to talk about it.” Alien: Isolation - Creative Assembly making an Alien game they want to play

He continued, “This is the start of the conversation with the fans and with the audience, so yeah, it feels like we’re going into uncharted territory but because we’ve always been quite clear about what we want to achieve, we’re adamant that we’re going to deliver on that promise. I guess the expectation comes from ourselves. If you’re making the game you want to play you’re going to do everything you can to deliver that.”

Alien: Isolation is due out on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and PC later on in 2014.

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