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Turn 10 'disappointed' at the community's response to Forza 5's microtransactions

Their inclusion not mandated by Microsoft

Turn 10's Dan Greenawalt has spoken of his disappointment over the fan response to Forza Motorsport 5's microtransactions.

He's not disappointed in the fan reaction so much he's disappointed that they've managed to elicit such a negative response in the choices they've made. As a result Greenawalt has stated that they will make efforts to fix the issues.

“It's been disappointing. I'm not disappointed in people – people feel how they feel. I'm more disappointed in myself that I've elicited this reaction in people,” Greenawalt began. “I think the biggest travesty for me is how people have misread our intentions, because that's just been sad. Turn 10 'disappointed' at the community's response to Forza 5's microtransactions

“Community's the biggest thing for us,” he continued, “and the whole point is to get people excited about cars and excited about games, so people saying we've changed the economy for this reason and we removed this feature for that reason. I understand it, because perception's reality, and people start believing what they believe, but I know it's not the thought process we went through to make the decisions we made.”

“Honestly I think,” he went on, “unfortunately, people attribute too much communication to this organisation. The truth is, at Turn 10 while I'm a Microsoft employee, we're off-site and we have our own culture and work our product to have our own culture. We have our own process and all of that.

“For the most part, Microsoft sees it as we're doing a good thing so keep it up, and so we're left alone. But if I'm honest we introduced this in Forza 4 with the car tokens. A lot of people noticed and thought it can be introduced where it's not a paywall, and people don't seem to be up in arms because it's just an accelerator,” he explained.

“This is happening more and more in games,” Greenawalt added, “and I understand gamers being resistant, especially if they feel like they're being short-sheeted. I think people are looking out for being short-sheeted, and they're seeing conspiracy where there isn't one. And that's common in today's age.” Turn 10 'disappointed' at the community's response to Forza 5's microtransactions

“We were definitely not mandated to include these,” he stressed. “We were experimenting in Forza 4, we experimented a bit in Horizon and now we're further experimenting in Forza 5. But we experiment a lot of things – and when we get them wrong we try to fix them.”

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