Report: GTA V PC version does exist

Rumours continue of a next-gen version too

There has been plenty of rumours flying around concerning a potential PC version of GTA V and we have a few more for you.

The latest news from the internet is that references to “GTA5.exe” in the latest version of AMD's Catalyst driver for their Radeon graphics processors.

Further to that we have heard from our sources in the Scottish development community that the PC version of GTA V has been deep in QA testing in Glasgow for some time. Report: GTA V PC version does exist

It's pretty much a given that GTA V will be released at some point on the PC - just a bit later on than the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions - as every GTA game since GTA III has seen a late but very welcome PC release.

PS4 source code has also been found in the Xbox 360 version which points to a next-gen release at some point although Rockstar fervently denies this.

Thanks VGCharts.

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