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New Forza 5 update rebalances the games economy and adds new game modes

Turn 10 listening to fan feedback

It seems that Turn 10 has been listening to the Forza 5 community outcry over the game's fairly sparse content in relation to previous games in the series and the invasive microtransactions.

The new update will add a smattering of new game modes as well as rebalancing the game's economy to make the best cars in the game more affordable for players. New game modes include Drag Racing at the Airfield track in quarter, half and full mile events. These will be available in Free Mode and multiplayer allowing players to practice before taking on friends online.

It also introduces Tag mode for multiplayer. It's basically a racing version of the old playground game Tag. There's three versions of this mode – Keep The It in which the winner is the racer who is 'It' the most times when the clock runs out, Tag Virus where the last remaining player who hasn't been tagged wins and Pass The It which is the opposite of Keep The It with the winner being the one who is 'It' the least. New Forza 5 update rebalances the games economy and adds new game modes

The economy balances include the doubling of racing payouts (from around 15,000 credits to around 35,000) and the reduction of the cost of some of the best cars in the game (for example, the Ferrari 250 GTO from 6 million credits to 2 million credits). This should make the game much less of a grind.

The update is currently in certification which will mean that it won't be long before it is released.

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