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First Dead Rising 3 DLC detailed and dated, demo launches today

Operation Broken Eagle coming on Christmas Eve

The first piece of DLC for Dead Rising 3 will arrive next week.

Operation Broken Eagle, which sounds like it was named by XCOM's random mission generator, will put players in the combat boots of Spec Ops Commander Adam Kane in a story that runs parallel to Nick Ramos' in Los Perdidos.

It is the first of four Untold Stories that will give Dead Rising 3 fans a different perspective on the action in Lost Perdidos. First Dead Rising 3 DLC detailed and dated, demo launches today

Capcom Vancouver's Josh Bridge said “With all 4 of the Untold Stories of Los Perdidos experiences, you get to see the story of Dead Rising 3 unravel from a different point of view. You get to take on the role of a different character in each of the 4 and play through their story and how it ties into the overall plot and reveals how the outbreak unfolded in parallel to Nick Ramos attempting to escape. Each of the episodes have new weapons and a custom vehicle along with side missions and other goodies to collect and ace achievements with. The team had some fun with getting some pretty crazy weapons in there!”

Operation Broken Eagle will be released on Xbox Live on December the 24th for 9.99 USD. It is also available as party of the 29.99 USD Dead Rising 3 Season Pass.

A demo is now also available to download giving Xbox One owners a chance to try Capcom's latest Zombie romp be fore buying it. It is limited to two 20-minute play sessions in the game per Xbox Live Gamertag that plays it.

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