SCi considers Eidos

UK publisher considers struggling rival

With flagging financials and the possibility of liquidation within weeks if a buyer isn't found, times are hard for UK publisher Eidos, once a company at the forefront of the industry. Indeed, as if by example of how far the mighty have fallen, former comparative minnow SCi are reported to be considering a bid for the ailing publisher, having surpassed the former giant in recent times - thanks to hits like Conflict. The rumoured bid was reported in The Telegraph newspaper on Sunday, and shares in Eidos rose 10% on Monday valuing the company at around the £60 million mark.

Of course, with IPs like Hitman, Tomb Raider and Championship Manager under their belts, the true value of Eidos must be much higher, but with the costs of integration with another publisher and the investment required to continue developments, the costs involved in taking on this once infallible firm are also considerable. Apparently, an offer is on the table for Eidos, but it seems to be based on various factors which may not come to pass. Various other potential investors are also sniffing around, including a rumoured interest from News International. We'll keep you posted on this.

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