Codemasters teases multiple Dirt games in development

They hint that there's more than one new rally game on the way

Codemasters has hinted that they might have a couple of new Dirt/rally games in the development pipeline.

A brief Twitter exchange between a fan and the Codemasters official Twitter account seemed to indicate that the British racing developer/publisher potentially has more than one new Dirt game on the way.

The fan, one @Rallycameraman (also known as Luke Harvey) asked, “@Codemasters definitely a new dirt/rally game. But you’re working on one already aren’t you? ;)” Codemasters teases multiple Dirt games in development

Codemasters responded saying, “@Rallycameraman Well we’re not, not working on one ;)”

They did try and release a more arcade-style spin-off Dirt: Showdown not long after Dirt 3 so it is possible that we could see a new game in both series. We'll let you know when we have more.

Thanks GamingBolt.

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