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GTA: San Andreas arrives on iOS

iOS version puts Los Santos in people's pockets

Any iPhone or iPad owners suffering from withdrawal from Los Santos while away from their consoles now have a way to slake their thirst in the form of GTA: San Andreas.

The iOS version of GTA: San Andreas features a whole slew of improvements over the original PS2 version including remastered hi-res visuals, lighting and colour enhancements and improved character models.

There's also full physical controller support via the made-for-iOS support brought in with iOS7, cloud saving across iOS devices for Rockstar Social Club members, dual stick analogue controls and three different customisable control schemes. GTA: San Andreas arrives on iOS

GTA: San Andreas is out now on th eiTunes App Store and supports iPod Touch 5th gen, iPhone 4s, iPad 2, iPad Mini and up.

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