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SCi take Total Overdose

Latin-American romp in the offing, hombres

SCi yesterday announced a brand new third-person adventure title of which they clearly have high hopes, given that they're releasing their new opus on the PS2, Xbox and PC this summer. Total Overdose will be a Mexican flavoured outing, set amid high-temperatures and corruption in Mexico and California. In the game, players will assume the role of Ramiro Cruz, hired by the DEA to unravel the conspiracy surrounding his father's death many years previously. Given that papa was an agent for the DEA too prior to his death - it's a fair guess that something under-hand, possibly involving drugs baron Papa Muerte, is afoot.

Ramiro's steamy adventures promise no end of thrills and spills, with the following heady combination promised: "crash cars, jump bikes, meet girls, eat burritos, drink tequila, shoot bad guys, fight in the street, find your father's killer." It all sounds terribly Robert Rodriguez, and hopefully this will lend Total Overdose a certain charm upon release. We're already looking forward to learning more for sure...we'll keep you posted.

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