Lara bound for Xbox 2 and PSP

New TR mooted

Whilst the next Lara Croft adventure has to be officially announced by Eidos Interactive, the first Tomb Raider outing to be developed outside of series creators Core Design (at Crystal Dynamics) will be postponed to allow for development work on PSP and Xbox 2 versions. The PSP is out in America next week, and is expected out in Europe in the months to come. The Xbox 2 meanwhile may be out this autumn, November, by some predictions. The next Tomb Raider will be out in Eidos' 2006 financial year, according to a recent statement to investors. Hitman: Blood Money will be released during the same period, which runs from June 2005 to 2006.

The confirmation of Xbox 2 support is interesting given initial exclusivity to the Playstation with past Tomb Raider releases, and either reflects a new tact at Eidos, or Sony's disinterest in a franchise which has taken a beating in recent years. Certainly, a release for the next title on other console formats would seem likely, though with a bit of luck we should learn more concrete details at E3 in May.

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