New SingStar sighted

But not named in UK

Sony are plotting the release of a brand new karaoke-em-up title, with confirmation that a new SingStar game is en route to the PS2 for May. SingStar Pop may not be named thusly for the UK release, but regardless Sony are certainly expecting great things of their new title. The game promises "a fresh new look and a broad contemporary song selection", with thirty artists including Keane, Avril Lavigne and Robbie Williams set to feature. A new rap showdown mode will also be included, as well as a fast-paced Medley mode.

Two USB microphones will accompany SingStar as before, and modes such as Pass the Mic, Duets and Playback will be returning from the first title. The Black Eyed Peas will also star, so just SHUT UP. More on this soon (ahem).

E3 Trailer